• Programmer’s Log (Moonlight) Week 1, Day 2

    September 22, 2013 Lysander Uncategorized


    Today I’m starting on the actual graphical output of the tile editor. The CSV processing script is working as intended and I’ve got a class object carrying all of the data required for pixel processing, so now I just have to process and display it all. I’d like to give a shout-out to Marcos Meli for making Filehelpers (a CSV processing system) and cutting some time off of development. Although it did take about as long reading through all of the documentation and implementing the scripts as it would have to create my own (more basic) version, there’s a lot of functionality in Filehelpers that, while I don’t need much of it now, I may before the project is complete. Thank you for the tool.

    Update: I have the tiles needed for gameplay visible, but now I have to work on the code to connect those tiles to their neighbors if there’s a height difference in the borders between them. I’m currently debating how to display these tiles (autobreaks at set height marks for instance), how to deal with half-displayed vertical tiles with a section cut off by neighboring terrain, etc… The next section of code I’ll be working on while I’m debating solutions for these issues is going to be the csv file output script.

  • Programmer’s Log (Moonlight) Week 1, Day 1

    September 20, 2013 Lysander Uncategorized


    Starting work on a simple (at first) tile-mapping system. I’m going to focus on generic CSV data inputs for now and a selection between simple mode (one vertex per tile corner) and complex (four vertices to allow for breaks in height differences on a per-tile basis). Since all vertices are going to have set X and Z coordinates based on tile-resolution, there isn’t going to be any need for more than four vertices per corner to allow for Y coordinate changes, so the code will be rather straightforward.

    Update: The import parser is just about done now. I decided purely to use the more complex four-vertex method of 3D tilemapping for now- I can easily go back and add the more simplified method later on- or more likely, simply restrict the tilemap editor globally to y=0 (or y=y=y=y) if the option is selected and leave it as-is in the code. I may be able to start work on the editor tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest.

  • Programmer’s Log (Moonlight)

    September 20, 2013 Lysander Uncategorized

    As lead programmer, I’ve decided to keep a log of my progress in developing the Moonlight game from day 1. The main purpose of this is to keep the public apprised of the progress we’re making, and also as an example to aspiring game developers of some of the pitfalls inherent the various stages of development. The secondary purpose is to keep myself on-track, to talk through various roadblocks that I may run into (and in doing so, maybe find an answer), and also to keep the decisions and mistakes I’ve made fresh in my mind going forward.

    The progress reports will be broken up into parts at first (week 1 part 1, week 1 part 2, etc…), but will be collected later into one-week sections to reduce the clutter a bit.

  • Moonlight WIP

    September 20, 2013 Lysander Uncategorized

    Production has now started on our first WIP, temporarily titled “Moonlight”. This project is being developed primarily for PC and mobile devices, although there will be talk about whether console porting is practical at a later date. Here are a few details about what you can expect from this game project.

    • Development:
      • Engine: Unity 3D
      • Tools/Packages: FileHelpers (CSV processing)
      • Language: Mostly C#
    • Gameplay:
      • Turn-based
      • Tactical combat
      • No character classes
      • Equipment-based skill progression
    • Visuals:
      • 32-bit sprites
      • 3D level design
      • Isometric view of 45°
      • 2 or 4-direction camera rotation [undecided]
    • Audio:
      • Nothing decided yet

    There are still some details to work out, but as the project progresses I’ll be updating the information here to reflect any changes.